Texting done right.

It's the Eusocial way.

What We Do

Your business needs texting, and we can help.

Texting - the most widely used communications app.

Things you can do with texting:

  • Send Mass texts – Send texts to numerous contacts at once.
  • Create & manage lists – Group contacts using custom fields.
  • Manage keywords & auto responses – Automate things. 

Cheap, and effective.

  • SMS text chats cost pennies per session – calls are $6-$20. Forrester & ContactBabel
  • The average person takes 90 seconds to respond to a text message, versus 90 minutes to respond to email. CTIA

Great for customer relations.

  • Text is the highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction out of all customer communication channels.
  • Text earned 90 out of 100 points, while phone earned 77 out of 100 and Facebook earned 66. CFI Group


What you’re doing adds another dimension to my campaign.

Dr. Ben Carson – Former U.S. Presidential Candidate